My involvement in the arts and in education led to THE ARTIST AS EDUCATOR. I have long been interested in the way artists are educators both through their teaching and through their work

Intellectual inquiry, artistic integrity, and knowing and believing in my students have always been the underpinnings of my teaching. I am a writer who is also an educator; the roles have blurred until they are now indistinguishable. In the early 1990’s the hip-hop aesthetic became my model. I recycled what I read, saw, listened to, selecting and combining poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. I mixed styles, critics, poets, novelists, musicians. I took apart work eclectically to create new work. In short my method became like the dj who chooses to speak by sampling.

My interests have expanded to the intersections of art and education, how artists navigate the environments in which they find themselves. THE ARTIST AS EDUCATOR began here, as an idea to gather, explore, and share the meeting points of the artist as an educator.

THE ARTIST AS EDUCATOR will look at the intersections both here and on Facebook posts.

A GROWING LEGACY is a gathering that does not attempt to be official, definitive, or complete, but rather a place in art and education for fingerprints of what has been created and continues to be created by a diversity of artists who educate through their artistic practice.

Dale Davis